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From searching through past messages, it seems that Ruger Mini 14s aren't very popular around here (as compared to AR-15s or AKs), but I have a chance to pick up a relatively clean Mini 14 with scope for less than $500.

My buddy shoots AR-15s so I can usually bum .223 ammo off of him.

I'm wondering if there are any systemic defects in the Ruger design that I should look out for. I haven't seen the rifle in person yet, but the seller is eager to get cash so he can buy a lefty Rock River AR-15/M4.


PS - the Ruger is going to be for fun plinking, not serious target shooting.

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I love my mini-14, very fun rifle to shoot but once it gets hot after about 3 mags the groups break up to about 3 inches at 60 yards. Thats been the trouble with all mini-14's Ruger just came out with a new model with a heavy barrel to fix that.

Other than the heat mine has never jamed out of about 5K rounds, its the only rifle I run steel cased ammo in as well and no jams with that dirty ass stuff. Plus if its not the Ranch model... you can do just about anything with them like an AR-15.

Hell they even have C-mags for them now.

My A-team rifle

lol, like my table cloth?

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There is nothing wrong with them and they are reliable and durable. The only reason people dont like them is that they are not very accurate, and for almost the same amount of money you can get an AR that will outshoot it, or for less you can buy an AK which is easier to customize and is even more durable and reliable.
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