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RPK like/dislike

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i am thinking of buying one. so what are your oppinions on rpk's?
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the light machine gun? its practicly an AK47 with a modified reciever and barrel (and adjusted sights obviously). as far as i know. i have not shot one however.

it even shoots ak box mags
It's just a heavy longer stranger looking AK but hell if you like them by all means get one! My friend got one and hardly ever shoots it, but its nice to add new or hard to find rifles to a collection.
Depending on where it's made the rpk is a bit better than the ak. the heavier reciever also makes it more acurate. Most of the top end "custom" ak variants, krebs, vepr etc. are built on rpk recievers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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