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Round Penetration Test

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Not real scientific since they don't fire more than a single round of each load to get an average. Only hunting/wilderness defense loads in there too, no military rounds. Some interesting info though.

Makes me feel fairly comfortable with the ballistics of my 454 to handle a grizzly in an emergency.
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The 350gr 45-70 has been a popular deer bullet for around 100 years now. I used to shoot 450gr bullets out of mine, but 350 gave better accuracy, milder recoil, and less fouling. They were also easier on a rifle that was new in the late 19th century.

Once you get over the macho "big bullet" thing, the 45-70 is an all around great rifle to shoot with. Has the range to go from mild to off the charts - just make sure you have a gun that can take it.

Yea I would like to pick up one of the new Marlin 45-70 guide guns someday. Think a lever action gun would be fun to have, and a hot loaded 45-70 can pretty reliably take down anything on this continent. Would make a good relatively lightweight/compact survival gun with iron sights to leave in the bush plane if I ever get back to permanently living in Alaska(and get around to purchasing a bush plane).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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