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As reported Friday by WAVY-TV:

Robbery victim shoots and kills one robber, wounds another

Newport News police are searching for a suspect in an armed robbery which resulted in one of the robbers shot dead, a second shot and wounded, and a third on the run.

Police tell us that they responded to a 'shots fired' call near the first block of Heritage Way shortly after 1:30 AM. When they got there, they found a 32 year-old man lying in a breezeway between two apartment buildings in the complex. He had multiple gunshot wounds.

He was taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center where he died shortly after he arrived.

Other officers responding to the same call passed a man walking on Warwick Blvd. with blood on his clothing who was trying to get their attention.

The officers detained and questioned 22 year-old Morris Brown, and discovered he was the victim of a robbery which resulted in a gunfight. The man found shot was one of the robbers.

Brown told police that he'd dropped a friend off at the apartment complex. As he was leaving, he was approached by two men who were looking for drugs. When Brown told them he didn't have any, the men told Brown they were robbing him, while a third man came up from behind.

The third man grabbed Brown and a struggle ensued with the men assaulting Brown until one of them produced a gun, at which time Brown stopped resisting and gave the robbers what he had.

The suspects started to leave, but then the third man turned towards Brown and pointed the gun at him. Brown then pulled a gun of his own and fired at the robbers. He then fled and went to find police.

Shortly after 2 AM, a man walked into the emergency room at Mary Immaculate Hospital with a gunshot wound. After he was treated, detectives determined that he was one of the men involved in the robbery of Brown. He was subsequently charged with one count each of robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Police are still looking for the third suspect, as well as the gun used in the robbery.

Newport News police are asking anyone that may have information about the identity of the third suspect to call Newport News Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP (1-888-562-5887).

The story can be found at
Video -

- Janq

Note: This scenario is a classic case of correctly and legally applied self defense to a fault.
The victim even withstood being pummeled by three upon being robbed and made the concious decision to not shoot untill he felt he was in imminent danger with fear of his life, as per VA law to a tee. I just hope for his sake he had a valid VA concealed handgun permit as otherwise the victim may find himself further victimized by the law itself. :\
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