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As reported by (KY):

Road-Rage Shooting Victim's Family Wants Shooter Jailed

POSTED: 8:25 am EDT June 4, 2007
UPDATED: 5:43 pm EDT June 5, 2007

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Jefferstontown Police Chief Rick Sanders confirmed that the man involved in a shooting at Stony Brook was a recently retired Jeffersontown police officer. On Monday afternoon, police released his name: Cpl. Richard Koenig, 50, a 21-year veteran of the force.

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon at Stony Brook Shopping Center, where Taylorsville Road meets Hurstbourne Parkway.

Darren Pickerill, 33, was still recovering from multiple gunshot wounds two days after being shot at a stop sign near the Stony Brook Kroger. On Tuesday, his family spoke out about the incident and the investigation. Family members said he might be paralyzed on the left side of his body – meaning he may never be able to say his side of the story.

“When I walk in my brother’s hospital room and I look at him, he can’t talk,” sister Roxann Marling said. “He can’t say who did this to me and what happened and he can’t tell us. So, we have to try to figure it out for him.”

Pickerill’s family said they aren’t confident Jeffersontown police will find those answers. They want to know how what police said was an argument over a traffic stop turned to gunfire. And they said it bothers them to know the shooter hasn’t been arrested or charged.

“Because all the shots that was fired,” mother Jessie Pickerill said. “(Koenig) not only endangered our son’s life, but he endangered other people's lives.”

On Monday, Target 32 investigators confirmed through multiple sources that the City of Jeffersontown was investigating a formal complaint against Koening when he resigned.

The complaint was filed in January. A woman said Koenig sped through the same Stony Brook parking lot where Sunday’s shooting occurred, almost hitting her daughter. She said Koenig’s lights and sirens were not activated.

“I’d say he was moving probably 35, 40 miles an hour,” the woman, who wanted her identity protected, told Target 32. “There’s a stop sign there. He does not stop, disregards it. If my daughter had not seen him, he would have definitely nailed her. He would have definitely hit her because when she jumped back, he missed her by no more than 6 inches and then he just continued on.”

The mother said she was supposed to get a hearing before the Jeffersontown mayor in March but Koenig retired in February. Jeffersontown police did not respond to an open records request for documentation about the incident which includes Koening’s account of what happened.

Police said Sunday's shooting apparently happened after the two men argued over right-of-way at a stop sign in the lot outside Kroger. Koening said he shot the victim in self-defense. Investigators said both men had permits to carry concealed weapons, and both carried .40 caliber semi-automatic pistols.

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Police said Koenig fired six to eight shots and didn't think Pickerill fired any. A witness said bullets passed within feet of her as she drove past the incident.

Jeffersontown police investigated the scene and no charges had yet been filed as of Monday morning. Sanders said the investigation will be turned over to the Commonwealth Attorney's office and handled in the same way as an on-duty police shooting, given that the former officer retired within the past year.

NewsChannel 32 and will have more information as it's available.

The story can be found at;

- Janq

Lesson Learned:
Let the asshole guy move on with life. If he cuts you off in the parking lot or takes your spot, let it slide. Especially so if you have something to lose such as your life, your livelyhood, your ability to move and/or speak, or your freedom. We as CCW have a moral/ethical expectation and in many states legal requirement to take the high road and deescalate things. Do not be either of these guys in this story...raging at each other in the road like a pair of 5th graders over who's on first.
Now one guy is partially paralyzed and the other guy is on the hook for criminal charges and very likely will be sued for every penny he ever had or will make in a court of civil liability & negligence law. All because they disagreed who had the right of way at a damn stop sign at the local food mart.
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