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most models are, except for the yugoslavian versions with the gernade lauchers, there is a version of the yugoslavian, the M59 that does not have a gernade laucher, that is legal. InterOrdnance has unissued condition yugoslavian M59/66 (gernade laucher varient) for $150, and they will weld a cover over the gernade laucher upon request to make it california legal. I do not know if this actually makes it california legal, because the laucher is still there, but they are selling them, and people are buying them. A while back they were selling the same condition ones for 200, I have seen a few, and they are truely in Like New condition, possibly rearsenaled. If you get one, be prepared to remove about 8 pounds of cosmoline.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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