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Rifle Law ?'s

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well i have some ?'s. I am gonna be 18 in a few months and its time to buy a rifle in my own name. i was wondering if i can get them at the age of 18 and what kind of paperwork and classes i will have to go through to get a rifle. i also heard a rumor that 50bmg's are not all the way banned in CA. as in you can still get bolt action rifles. is all of this true?

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@ 18 most states will allow you to buy rifles. you will have to pass a back ground check to purchase the gun. You will need to check the ATF website for the 50 cal stuff....I know they are legal here we have shooting clubs for them out here :D
man thats awesome..thanks for the info
In california all you will need is an driver's license, or any other kind of identification. And a clean slate, that is pretty much it.
cool i have no bad record :)....are sks's legal in cali?
most models are, except for the yugoslavian versions with the gernade lauchers, there is a version of the yugoslavian, the M59 that does not have a gernade laucher, that is legal. InterOrdnance has unissued condition yugoslavian M59/66 (gernade laucher varient) for $150, and they will weld a cover over the gernade laucher upon request to make it california legal. I do not know if this actually makes it california legal, because the laucher is still there, but they are selling them, and people are buying them. A while back they were selling the same condition ones for 200, I have seen a few, and they are truely in Like New condition, possibly rearsenaled. If you get one, be prepared to remove about 8 pounds of cosmoline.
is there a link to one of these sites where i can order it and havent sent to my ffl dealer?
I think, but not completely sure the all 50bmg rifles are now illegal to purchase. However you can buy a 50 dtc which is a modified 50bmg that performs the same but the case is shaped differently.
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