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Rico Alph-9 Light

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Anyone ever hear of these?

The shop I work at imports these things and I have to get one for my M4. I started off by thinking they where cheap rip off airsoft things... there not... There as solid as the real surefire and there only 200 bucks compared the the 520 that you pay for surefire. There almost the same but you cant interchange parts from surefire so no upgradeing. I forgot how many lumens it is, il find out when I go in but it is blindingly white....

Im a very anti-knock off guy so I dont like to buy stuff thats made to look alike something else but im getting one of these...

It is true the first ones that came in had ALOT of trouble but the new ones are all good.... trust me... Im in charge of testing every single friggin one at the store when we get slow.... we get a box of 60 and I have to take them out of the crates, then boxess open them up and test them and put them back in... but last time I did not find one bad one out of 60!