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Review of my Glock 27

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I'm not a big fan of small pistols, as I am a large man with large hands, and naturally small pistols don't dont do it for me. I've tried various models ranging from a Beretta Bobcat, to a subcompact 1911... Nothing feels right in my big hands, which is why I stick to full size pistols.

However, if I want to conseal, there comes a problem. The thing I like about full size pistols is the high capacity magazines, and the fact that they fit my hand... This is where the problem arises.

Enter Glock 27.

Double stack magazine, which allows 10+1 rounds of .40S&W, however, the big hand issue still looms. So I looked into the grip extenders for the G27, I got two pinky extenders, and one full grip extender to see what it would be like.

The end result was fantastic. What a great little pistol. It packs a mean punch and holds its ground even though its mini. I love the fact that I can carry 10 rounds in each magazine (and it's .40!), and hide it like its not even on me.

It shoots great. Smooth and accurate, just as any pistol should be. The night sights are an added bonus, as this is my first pistol with them (expensive as hell!). My groupings at 15 yards are about 3". Not bad for such a small pistol.

So all in all, I'm in love. :)

Full grip extender Vs just the Pinky extender:

Yeah, yeah.... cut my fingernails... already did.
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I love my G27....and it really says something about the gun that I can shoot it better than I shoot my Beretta, even if I don't shoot the Glock for twice as long as since I shot the Beretta.
Must resist urge to badmouth Berretta.....must do it.

Glad your happy brucelee. I was pondering a p99 compact in 40 but thats going to have to wait awhile until I buy that handcannon AMT.
I had a model 27 and loved it.. i couldnt shoot it for crap without the pinky extender on the mag. But with it, it was like a full size gun
My friend recently got a model 26 (9mm, same pretty much), and he is very happy with it

I traded my 27 in on a model 20. I like that gun too, but DAMN, ammo is expensive
Does the pinky extender mess with removing the magazine at all? does it just clip on?

I have been on a working vacation

but i luv my G27 even if i have had a few issues

unlike brucey i have small hands and i dont need the grip extenders

oddly i am a better shot with the 27 than i am with larger sig

btw - i just picked up 2 more factory 11 round mags (9+2) yesterday!
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hey brucey -

i have some of those grip extenders for a 13 round and 15 round mag, i didnt like them, they pinched me hands

so if u want-em just hollar!
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so brucey are you interested in the extenders?

by the way - what i have learned about the 27 is:

Hey I forgot to mention - you can get the stock .357 SIG bbl for the 27 and 2 guns for the price of 1!

I carry .357 SIG when I am hiking up north due to the larger game and .40 S&W for everyday personal defense.

My wifey got me the .357 bbl for Xmas!
brucelee, amazing sub glock. cant beat the glock subs.
blast from the past!!

I just got a G26 (9mm) for my birthday, and I got 2 G19 mags for it so I can carry it in uniform and have two 15rnd mags.

now I have to find the grip extender sleeves that go on the 19 mags. I think they're the A&G magazine grip extenders. Anyone have a reputable site to order from?

or has anyone used

i forget which ones i sent to brucelee -

just be on the look out, they pinched my hands with my G27
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