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Hi everyone,

I am completely new to reloading and am having trouble figuring out load data for the components I have available to me. Everything I've acquired has basically been what I can find in local stores (which isn't much). I'm reloading 30-30.

Here is a list of what I have:

IMR 4895
Hodgdon Superformance

Hornady Varmint .308 100 gr SJ (#3005)
Hornady FTX .308 160 Gr

I've been able to find load data for the Hornady FTX 160 gr with the IMR 4895. I can't find any load data for 30-30 using the Hodgdon Superformance and I have a feeling that they have not supplied load data for this caliber yet. However I can't find ANY load data on the Hornady Varmint 100 gr rounds for 30-30.

If anyone has seen any 30-30 load data for the Superformance I would definitely like a list, or if someone has had experience loading it that would also be helpful.

I'm more interested however in the load data for the varmint rounds using the IMR 4895. If anyone has any input on this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for you help in advance,

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