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Reflex sights

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Basic "you get what you pay for" quality issues aside, what's the difference between a $50 cheapo and a $2-300 EOtech red dot reflex sight?

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I have the cheap $25 BSA redots $150 Hakkos $250 Redfield ESD and the EoTechs.

The only difference is that the cheap ones wash out easier, will break sooner and will not always hold zero. But you can break 10 BSA for 1 Eotech

My BSA have taken everything from .22 to .308, still hold a zero and work everytime, but will wash out in bright sunlight

I have broken the Hakko and ESD on .308, buit my little Hakko is taking a pounding on a 12g and still works fine, both the Hakko and ESD have adjustable dots, either single dot, crosshair, circle and dot

The eotech is the strongest of the bunch, never washs out

It comes done to how much you want to spend, and what kinda shooting you will be doing. I am just as accurate with the BSA as I am with the EoTech
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Thank you for your insight. I ended up dropping $80 on a sight at AEX. Since it's going onto an airsoft gun, recoil rattling is not a huge, huge problem. I will be curious as to how well it holds zero, though. I'll be taking it to the range this week to zero it in; we'll see how it goes from there.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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