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Recommend a good knife for cutting heavy webbing

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Looking to get a knife for my flight equipment. Basically something that would be used in an emergency where I had to cut myself or some fellow crewmembers out of their harness. Needs to be fixed or assisted opening so that I wouldn't have to fumble with anything, and can easily operate it one handed.

I've been looking around and these are a couple knives I figured would be good for that type of cutting. Figure something serrarated would be best so leaning towards the ka bar out of these two.,7,8,9&categoryName=Military/Tactical

Am I correct in thinking a downward facing blade like these would be best for hooking onto webbing and cutting it? Anyone have any better recommendations.

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Some of the SOG knifes have the belt cutters built into them.

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Yea I thought about something like that or one of those hunters skinning knives. Not sure how well it would cut through the thick webbing I'm talking about though.
Hmm, I checked out some of Sog's other knives and this one looks promising.

With basically 2 opposing razor blades acting as the cutter it should have the bite required to get through some tough webbing.

Dual assisted opening is cool. Not available till a little later this year though.

Is Aus 8 a good steel?
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Gerber makes a ASEK for their LMF II survival set. It's really nice, I think you can get one for like $15-20 bucks on it's own. It uses a standard razor blade and even carries an extra in the handle.

Vostok 7
I used a Spyderco (fully serrated) for parachute harnesses, never had any problems.
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