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Range report - Serbu shorty

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Took the Serbu to the range today just to get a feel for it and see how it patterns.

I put a few magazines worth of 9mm into this target from my G26.
Then I took 4 shots at it from the Serbu using the Federal Law Enforcement Low Recoil 00 buck. It is hard to tell from the picture but at 7yards (21 feet) it makes 1 big hole after another.

Before I left I wanted to see at what distance the shot starts to spread, so I rolled a fresh target out to 10yards (30 feet). I reeled in the target to try and get a better picture. As you can see 6 of the shots are on target. Three would not have made the head shot. There is also a rip from the wad that is to the left of the head. It appears that a center of mass shot properly aimed would have kept all of the pellets on target.

I was surprised what the extra 3 feet do to the spread. It makes the difference from 1 entry point to nine. Still I am super happy with the performance of this little 12 gauge with the seven inch barrel.

Disclaimer - I realize that the sample size is a little small to call this test definitive, but at least I now have some idea regarding how this little monster

I put 23 total rounds through the gun today and enjoyed each one.
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Sweet gun!

I'm getting one of his BFG-50s in a month or so.

hugh, an AOW is a $5 tax stamp from the BATF uh E and a sign off from your local chief LEO.
I toldja about the group buy, silly!

I'd bring it up to show you but we probably couldn't shoot it at the S&w range.
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