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Quick, Grab your submachine gun!!

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You’re on assignment for work on one of the top floors of an office building in some South American country, it’s late at night and you’re alone. The stuff you’re working on is very valuable and very top secret. Apparently information leaked that you posses this information, and the local south American mob wants what you have. The authorities can do little to help you out of this situation, but they have managed to get an armored car to wait at the back entrance of the building, running and waiting for you. You need to go down 17 floors to get out of this building to your get-away car.
Suddenly the power is cut, you look out the window and see at least a dozen armed men (not friendlies) rushing into the building to intercept you. They plan on kidnapping you, and torturing you for the info. You are valuable and they want you alive, but you’re not going out like a chump! That’s for sure.

Magically, somehow you can spawn ANY submachine gun that has ever existed, with any accessories, and up to 6 magazines, high capacity, drum, whatever… keep in mind that a drum mag will hinder your shooting ability, and mobility.

You’re going to make your escape, and you’re going to take some guys down with you.

The weapons you have are:

Fiber wire with handles
Combat knife
SMG of your choice

The intel of the men you have:

12-15 armed men, armed with what appear to be AK-47s
The want you ALIVE, but will kill you if necessary (if you pose a big enough threat to them)

What Submachine gun do you spawn, with what accessories/Optics/bullets/magazines/

You’re wearing a flack vest with a trauma plate, that’s all you have to get out.

Get to that armored car!!!
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MP-5(A5) 10/40, 8 mags of SGDHP (sub), EOTech, supressor.
I think I'm going to change my answer from 8 mags to 6 (just read the instructions...) and instead of just JHP, I want it staggered. AP, JHP, FMJ, AP, JHP, FMJ, etc.
Nose Nuggets said:
aaahhh, a veritable grab-bag of ammunition in every mag.

thats quite an idea. ever done that in practice, Ghoul?

I've mixed HP and FMJ. I do that with my Glock mags (9mm only). Not 3 types though. It'd be cool to do that with a gun that had 3rd burst. :D


I do that with my Glock mags for the fact that with a double tap, the first round that hits them will be a FMJ, and the second will be a JHP. If the FMJ just wounds, it'll buy me the -less-than-a-second- I need to re-aim and fire again (this time being the JHP, which will do it's job.)

I only do it with Glock mags because my Glocks feed the most reliable out of all my pistols. I only do it with 9mm because I feel that the penetration of the FMJ is excellent, but I like the wound characteristics of the JHP.
brucelee said:

Ha, I do that with my shotguns.... Birdshot first, buckshot second, and slug third. then its all buck.

Just in case.
Couple of options. If they haven't spotted me, I'd move to a lower floor quickly, then start hiding.

They'd probably check the 17th, and if they don't find me there, they'd sweep down.

That's when I'd make a break for it. If they are smart, they'd have a man on some floors to keep a lookout. Chug chug. I'd make my way down...

Ditch all non-essential equipment. Plate is too heavy and a flak vest wobbles when you run. Knife is useless. So is the wire.

Option 2-I'd go into the stairwell, and make my way down. No power=no elevators. They have to use the stairs to come and get me. That's where I'm going to decide to bang hammers.

Option 3-go to the roof. If there are any surrounding buildings, I'd see if I can give superman a run for his money. If not, I'd look for the window man's scaffolding and use that. (in my area they just store that junk on the roof)

Option 4-Make a bottle neck and force them through it. Bang bang.

Option 5-Try to get one of the men silently, and take what he's wearing and then move down stairs.

Option 6-hide in the ceiling. Most industrial ceilings have that fiber glass board shit that you can move.
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Birdshot doesn't over penetrate. It's still lethal from 20', and if ya doubt me, go try it on for size. :p
More importantly it's a carbine. If it were like a .44 lever gun, I don't think it'd qualify as a PCC.
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