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This thing has bothered me for as long as I have had the parts for this rifle Im sick of asking EVERYONE and finding out ziltch about what the hell this thing is used for on my rifle. Its to thin for a sling to attach on it and it always catches on everything.

I forgot what H&K called it but it was some stupid name that did not tell what it was.

So I turn to you gunnys.

What is this thing used for? I see it on airsoft guns and on this H&K forearm.

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Dog Paw! Cat's under attack!!!

Here's the answer from our pals at hkpro:

HK Pro Forums said:

"Page 23, the most infamous comment of them all in this entire book: The upper caption: "Many G3 stocks have a mysterious "dohicky" on the left side of the handguard. This loop stamping is actually a hook designed to allow troops in the field to hang their rifles from nails protruding from walls--a very useful field expedient."


By the way, for an unknown reason this photo is reversed. As you can tell, he refers to the LEFT side of the handguard, and this is clearly the right. See how the cocking handle groove is also on the right? This clip is for the three point sling. It is the optional attachment point for the middle buckle that slides freely along the sling when it is on the gun. Clipping this buckle to Duncan's "dohicky" allows troops to position their rifles at port arms, using the sling and not their arms. (See illustration of this on page 105, top right photo.) Perfect for parades and reviews, etc. HK has confirmed for me that this is not true, and the hole is for driving the rivet into the forearm. You COULD hang your expensive rifle from a nail on a wall. Would you?
This would be for the old style 3 point slings that didn't lock in the front section. You would just clip the free moving section to the clip.

Sad pic...
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