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As was shown in a few past threads, airsoft manufacturers have been doing alot of showing off of 1 off prototypes in their regional airsoft shows recently. While it's nice to see the effort being put into these prototypes, there's is no guarantee these will ever go to production. (i.e. VFC showing off their SCAR proto last year, but CA coming out with it in production under everyone’s noses a few months ago. You will now notice VFC isn't showing off the SCAR prototype anymore.) VFC, Star, Inokatsu, King Arms and even Tokyo Marui have a history for showing off prototypes to get a pulse of what will be interesting to the consumer. In TM's case they always show prototypes in resin form so people don’t get it confused with something ready for production though.

But with this understanding we can all at least understand the difference between a prototype and production gun and give them the appreciation each type deserves.

That being said and I see the SIG556 thread has come back to life. is reporting an Airsoft SIG 556 was being shown at a Formosa Military Fair in Taiwan:

They say this may be a kit only and may be made by a company called GWS. GWS is you remember, is the company that made the XM8 body kit. BUT they also recently made this kit, the AK SOPMOD Bolt and Selector which was 1 of the worst airsoft items I've purchased quality wise. But the proto looks pretty accurate and it's not just an Armalite with rail system.
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