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Pro-Gun/Self Defense Images

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Not big honking full scree npics but small stuff that can be fit or be easily resized to be an avatar akin to mine own.
I was motivated toward this by a post by Rogue in OT.

- Janq
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Yep, the site has alot of pro-gun images and info on it. Im sure thats where that came from.
I've copied all of those images to an online folder. They are done by Oleg Volk, Professor, RKBA activist, photographer and founder of and
I have them online so I can use them as quick links for the web. Oleg is fine with reproduction of these images anywhere, no referencing necessary, as long as it is done to further the RKBA. :)

You can also find them and their hi-res versiona at as well as a bunch of other neat photos. He does people pretty well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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