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Pretty sweet new hand cannon

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I ran across this online, guess it's smith's competition for the Ruger Alaskan. Pretty sweet I must say, other than the fruity colors and crap they pawn along with it. The versatility of the 460 would be nice being able to shoot 45 colt/454 also, but I think the 460 designed as a fast round for longer range is more suited to a longer barrel. I'd definitely go with the 500, mainly because I actually do go fishing/hiking in Grizzly country and would want the most power.

I've got a Ruger Alaskan in 454 now, and I love shooting it even in full house 454 rounds. Definitely will check out this smith when it's available, but I don't know at this point if I'd actually trade up to it. The added power would be a plus if I ever did have to use it against a grizzly, but the Ruger 454 carries one more round which would be nice in a stressful situation. Plus the Ruger is lighter weight/smaller, and has the Ruger reliability. The Smith's MSRP is outrageous, but street prices should be much lower. I don't know, maybe I'll use my state dividend this year to buy the Smith and have both.

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Ducman said:
I shot a friends 500. suprisingly nice to shoot even with heavy reload. Recoil was alot less than I thought, but you knew you were throw alot of lead downrange really fast
Yeah I shot a 4" one over the weekend. The bark is defiantly worse than the bite.
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