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Do you pocket carry?

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Pocket Carry

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I was just wanting to see who pocket carrys and if so what kind of holster you use?
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But they're only useful (for hip pocket carry, anyway) in states where open carry is legal, right? I can only imagine the hue and cry if some semi-scruffy-looking banker/weekend Harly rider was flying down the interstate with his pistol hanging off his hip:

Soccermom: <dials 911> "OMG, officers, there's a bad man on a motorcycle with a GUN!!! Come quik!"

Ending in a confrontation with the law, dude on motorcycle (or in the quick stop, in the movie theater line, getting some tacos, etc.) getting hassled by the man and/or having to go through a felony vehicle stop or other police stop, search, etc. beacuse he's carrying openly instead of inside the waistband, under the arm, etc.

Edit: Even where open carry's legal, most regular non-CCWsavvy citizenry isn't going to be too keen on it, so I could imagine that sort of thing going on just about anywhere.
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Janq said:
No, this is not for open carry exclusively...which is largely fubar and not widely adopted by states anyway. Besides if one were in an open carry state then there would be no need/desire for concealment holsterized pants like these.

Anyway the pics as shown have no cover in use because they are trying to show how the product works & looks with different type and sized sidearms.
Of course a person would wear cover of their choice and not go walking around the mall or riding their Harley on the streets with the butt of their gun exposed.
As well the carry mode as shown is effectively appendix carry style.
You'd think that a guy that got a degree in advertising would be able to figure out the bolded part, but I guess it was late in the day yesterday. :D

A long shirt, jersey, or jacket and you're good to go- I was just thinking on the motorcycle angle, since it was mentioned in the initial post, as well as that motorcycle jackets tend to be cut kind of short.

What's appendix carry? Terminology ownz me. Still learning about this stuff, reading toward probably applying for a permit and buying a pistola at some point in the near future.
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