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Do you pocket carry?

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Pocket Carry

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I was just wanting to see who pocket carrys and if so what kind of holster you use?
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Blackie Collins® Toters™ Pistol Packing Jeans


As more than a few OTters pocket carry I figured I'd post up this new product that I noticed being resold in my latest copy of Brigade Quartermasters.
This thread seemed most appropriate to tag against...

TOTERS™ are a premium line of stone washed blue denim jeans with special pockets intended to "tote" handguns and knives. A driving force behind Blackie designing TOTERS™, was the ability to carry handguns and knives comfortably while riding a motorcycle.

In fact, if Blackie had been wearing TOTERS™ on the night he hit a 200 lb. hog, he still would have had to replace his BMW R1100 RT motorcycle, he still would have broken his wrist and both ankles, he still would have needed seventeen staples in his head, but he would not have had to replace the grips and night-sights on his Kahr MK9.

TOTERS™ Jeans Features:

• Designed by Blackie Collins®
• Comfortable and great looking
• Relaxed fit with straight leg
• Stone-washed and pre-shrunk
• Proudly made in the southern USA.

Front Pockets

• Cordura-Plus™ lining in gun pockets
• Regular front pockets carry
• Patent pending lacing system - Adjustable to fit most handguns
• Designed for left or right hand
• Gun pockets more comfortable than any holster
• Less bulge than any holster
• Total concealment with T-shirt, jacket, vest or when handgun is placed completely inside pocket

Back Pockets

• Non abrasive Cordura-Plus™ lining
• Gun will not wear thru or mark denim
• Lining helps conceal silhouette of gun

Knife Pockets

• Jeans also have separate knife pocket
• Locates knife conveniently at fingertips
• Comfortable carry of even large folding knives
• Pocket also good for carrying flashlight, cell phone, or small tools

• Sizes: 28 - 60 even
• Inseams: 30'',32'',34''

Big sizes 44 and up are at additional cost.

Brigade QM -
Blackie Collins site -
Videos of the product in use including holstering a govt./fullsize 1911 aka hogleg -

I think I might order a pair as the price isn't bad considering it's two products built into one, a holster system and oontz stylized jeans.

- Janq

Note: I have no affiliation with Brigade QM or Blackie Collins be it personally or personally and I am getting o benefit of any sort by posting this info. As with anything else, play by big boy rules and caveat emptor.
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No, this is not for open carry exclusively...which is largely fubar and not widely adopted by states anyway. Besides if one were in an open carry state then there would be no need/desire for concealment holsterized pants like these.

Anyway the pics as shown have no cover in use because they are trying to show how the product works & looks with different type and sized sidearms.
Of course a person would wear cover of their choice and not go walking around the mall or riding their Harley on the streets with the butt of their gun exposed.
As well the carry mode as shown is effectively appendix carry style.

- Janq
Appendix Carry ...hmm.

GIS is not helping me out here.
You know how traditional carry the holster is placed OWB (outside the waistband) at the hip, cowboy & cop style. Thats called 3 O'Clock position.
Appedix carry is just forward of that at the 1 O'Clock position just at where your appendix is. This mode of carry makes for super fast access to the weapon as well it's said it's the best position for retention.
With an IWB (inside the waistband) holster or carrying 'Mexican' (holsterless) at this position on an average sized man with no gut in the way the gun practically disaapears under a cover.

I sometimes carry this way myself via my Bandera 'Belster' gunbelt holster.
It's a comfortable mode of carry. In this products case ones belly if they have one wouldn't get in the way as the barrel goes down the pant holseter pocket and the butt runs along their side/hip rather than being out front under/in front of the gut.

- Janq
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