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Pistol ownership loop wholes?

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I know that you have to be 21 to buy a pistol from a gun dealer. But ive heard that you can purchase them from a private party legally at the age of 18+. I live in MI. if that matters. I was just wondering if anyone had any information on this. As im 19 and would like to pick up a 1911. And im not a felon :wink: I own many rifles, Now i would like a pistol.
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Unless its as a gift AND! you live with your parents or someone over 21 no....
I'm in the same situation (19, want a pistol), and the gun would be stored at my parents place, where I live in the Summer when I am not in France. My only difference is I am in WA state.

I had always thought it was no pistols until 21, and then a friend of mine in the Army(gtcrispy for those of you nasiocers) informed me that if I purchse it via a private party sale, it is legal. Are you sure it has to be a gift?

I was actually about to make an almost identical post to platinum's. I've scoured the internet, but can't find anything that clearly spells it out for me. I've been debating posting the question here between just waiting until I get to WA and asking an arms dealer. Since it has been posted... itt would be good to know now though... as drooling over pistols is a lot better when you know you can actually purchase them.
Todd wishes there were gunatics cops that worked out of Washington state who browsed this place.
It depends on your state laws

Yes, it's an anti-gun sight but it has a lot of usefull information and is easy to you. Just remember the worse the grade your state has the better for gun owners.
That is amongst the many sites I have viewed. It says you need to be 21 for a handgun, 18 for all other firearms. I know this is the rule for standard dealers, but it does not mention whether private firearm sales, which gtcrispy told me is legal to those under 21... they just have to go through a transfer agent. Does anyone have insight on this specific rule, and whehter or not it exists?
It depends on the state; some states you can own a handgun at any age, in 'bama a 5yr old can buy a handgun if he has the $ no questions ask.
Ok... but I live in Washington, not Alabama. Does anyone have any information that is pertinent to my situation? It's amazing how hard it is to find clear definitions/laws on this topic for my state.
Anti gun sites also fuck up their facts a lot. They will tend to overemphaze gun control laws and underemphasise freedom.

Did you check
My suggestion is to simply have your parents or even yourself, contact the local Sheriff's Office. Call them up and simply ask them if they can explain the law to you. They should be able to confirm or deny if you can buy a gun via private purchase.

My initial thought would be no. Especially if they don't have their own laws in effect specifically for gun age/purchase.

If that's the case, they go by what the federal guidelines are, in which they easily state that it's 18 for a shotgun/rifle and 21 for a handgun. I wouldn't see how there would be loopholes, but you never know.

Just get in contact with the Sheriff and/or police and I'm sure they'll help ya.
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