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Pistol for my wife, need recommendations.

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I'm sure there will be a tittywop

My wife fired my G29 10mm auto for the first time this past weekend. She didn’t do to bad. She wanted to try the gun out, and who am I to say no?! Anyhow, she isn’t a huge fan of it because of the recoil and the fact that she has a really difficult time racking the slide. Being able to rack the slide is important. What would you guys recommend that would be a nice pistol for her in self defense? I’m thinking G28 or G26. I really don’t want a revolver. Anyone have any experience with the G28? I know I know, make her shoot everything first, but I would like to hear other suggestions first. Seems like I live in gun hell. No one wants to suggest anything, offer up any information, or even sell you something. Makes me realize why all these places are closing up shop.
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Has she tried anything other than Glock? I know a lot of women who are very found of 1911s because of their large caliber and slim grip.

I'm a glock person (well, specifically, a Glock 21 man) myself, that is because it fits me and does what I want it to do every single time. Let her expand her horizons... Hell, she might even outshoot you. :) (women are better shooters than men in some scenarios)
As soon as my soon-to-be wife and I get a place together, I'm going to get her a revolver. I tried getting her into automatic pistols, but she just doesn't dig them (other than the .22 P38), but I don't want her shooting a .22. Probably in .38 special.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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