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I remember how difficult it was for me to get a better handle on airsoft shotguns and alike soo , i came up with a list
Heres The list i have came up with for all the "Skirmishable" shotguns in airsoft and there prices:

TM Spas 12 Series :
Tm Spas 12 US$150.00
Tm Spas 12 w/ swing stock US$202.00

TM Super 90 Series :
Tm Super 90 US$167.00
Tm Super 90 shorty US$140.00

G&P M870 Series:
Full Metal M870 with Steel Folding Stock ( Long ) US$288.00
M870 CQB Shorty US$373.00
M870 OR US$264.00

G&p Stanalone Series:
Standalone Shotgun (Knight's Type) (long) US$450.00
Standalone Shotgun ( Knights Type ) (short) US$480.00

Marushin M500 Series:
M500 SSB Cruise 8mm BB US$299.00
M500SSB - Metal Body US$270.00
M500SSB Shorty - Metal Body US$250.00
M500SSB Silver - Metal Body US$280.00
Mossberg M500 SSB 8mm Mariner Limited (Limited Edition) US$325.00
Mossberg M500 SSB (8mm) US$238.00

Marushin Winchester M1887 Shotgun Series:
Marushin Winchester M1887 Shotgun 8MM Guards Gun US$255.00

Maruzen CA 870 Series:
Variatons & Prices:
CA 870 COB Stock US$140.00
CA 870 CQB Set (Limited Edition) US$140.00
CA870 Charger US$108.00

Maruzen M870 Series:
Variations & Prices:
M870 Plastic US$170.00
M870 Swing Stock US$185.00
M870 Wooden US$300.00

Tanaka M870 Series:
Variations & Prices:
Tanaka M870 US$391.00

Tanaka Winchester M1897 Trench Gun Series:

Winchester M1897 Trench Gun US$385.00

Maruzen M1100 Series:
Variatons & Prices:
M1100 Plastic US$250.00
M1100 Wooden US$300.00

NOTE:if a mod or anyone doesnt like this , lock or delete...i'd like a sticky where i can be motivated do an elaborate AEG one of these to keep the "Which Gun" threads to a minimum.

ANOTHER NOTE:These Prices are HK based, specifically wgc , redwolf and war4 , if youd like american prices , just tell me.

if you have managed to read all this , your a trooper and thank you.

and ideas on what next ,
Pistols , AEGs, GLs , Sniper rifles , Classics , individual companies? hell , i'll do whatever to promote my favorite sport/hobbie.

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Good start WB. Yeah I would say it may be best to list US prices, since HK + Int'l Shipping should equal US pricing (Although you'd be suprised how low US retailer pricing has become compared to HK+Int'l Shipping) and most of Gunatics users are US based.

Couple of notes.

TM SPAS12 Folding Stock has been discon'd per TM

TM Tactical Launcer? Even tho it looks like a nade launcher it shoots the Marui shotshells.

Marushin M500's are all discon'd. New batch coming out soon.

The KTW Itahca and all Metal SPAS12 variants are missing

The CAW M4 missing. Just came out and is pump action even tho real 1 is semi ;(
You left out my Maruzen M1100 Defender??? Shame on you WB!!!

All the G&P's are just mod'd Maruzen CA870's. if you list those, you should list Airsoft Surgeon's and everyone elses customs.

Clones... too many crappy ones to list ;(

As far as doing more of these? If you really want that's cool bud. With the state of airsoft and all the clones, noname repacks and accessory makers turned AEG mfgs (i.e. Inokatsu, Guarder, King Arms, Star, HeroArms, etc) I think it's a uphill battle.

Serioulsy I still believe the good ol', get yrou hands on an item and document and review the item is still the most helpful.

If you are really interested in compiling infor like this, I know are attemtping this by making an encyclopedia and another group of guys have started an airsoft wiki. These may be better uses of your efforts in something like this.
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