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What was this guy on when he did this?

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Perhaps the hardest I have laughed in a while

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or if thats not working

Read it, laugh,and share your thoughts.
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All my teachers would have put a big fat "F" 0% on that one, I cant believe they actually graded the entire paper...
Littering AND.....

Littering AND...........

Smokin the reefer!

Damn his sentance structure sucked, but it sure was funny. Loved the "written threat" part. Probably got his ass talked to by the lcoal LEOs for that one.
His mom had to drink when she was pregnant. Only a combination of Down's syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, and pot could produce someone that stupid.
did you eat alot of paint chips when you were a kid.... ha ha WHY?
On page four/three... "this is page three" - Look at how the prof spelled "too." Methinks they shouldn't be grading anything for spelling or grammar if they don't know TWO, TO, TOO.
I think that he is not an idiot, and everything was intentional. He is just a very funny guy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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