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People you have the most respect for?

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A lot of people praise politicians, others frown upon them, and for good reason. How can anyone call a politician their hero?

My respect for our armed forces cannot be topped. The men and women who fight for our freedom are the people I stand behind no matter what. If it wasn't for them, our beloved country would be one hell of a different thing.

It always bothers me to see people bashing our troops... It makes my blood boil.

Sorry for the public service announcement.

PS: Islam sucks! ;)
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Governor of West Virginia Joe Manchin. I met his wife today I'm peciled in to have lunch with him next week.
Batman...he kicks everyones ass but has no powers.

Oh Yeah and the Joker...cause he has the biggest friggen revolver around. Hand artillery
The average U.S. soldier (past and present), Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Jesus (the verifiable historical figure falsy executed by the Romans, not the unverifiable 'son of God' magical resurection miester).

Ok in real life I admire alot of people. Soldiers are one of them since they have to deal with the toughest shit, but especially Nam vets...those guys never got the respect they deserved.
Firemen (and women)....I'd rather be in a shootout than run into a burning building (though I've done that too).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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