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That bible one makes me want to e-mail my Mormon friends.

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samit said:

check it

I wonder if Brucelee remembers newspaper class.

I can't believe you frigging remember that dude! HAHAHAH! Classic!

If you guys were wondering, Samit and I went to high school together and had a newspaper class together as well. For my weekly article, I went around and asked people that question to see what responses I would get, and publish them.

Lots of folks didn't know what the hell it was. The question was phrased like this: "How do you feel about the high levels of di-hydrogen oxide in our streams and river beds?"

The answers I got were funny as hell. I purposely went up to the "smart" people in school, and I think only a single one of them knew what it was. One of the responses I still remember to this day. "I think it's really bad, and it's giving our fish cancer".

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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