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These photos are slightly old. I have since then added a few new ones to the lineup.

These photos only show my black semiautos. None of my stainless guns or revolvers are in this pic.

Can anyone list the makes and models shown in these pics???


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That's about what I would have guessed Orca. I'm pretty sure that's a Sigma on the right (actually, I'm 99.999% sure). I see two Sigs next to it (can't guess the model) And... is that a USP of some type directly to the right of the last Glock? Then there's lots of Glocks and two 1911's. ;)

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Left to Right
2.Browning Hi-power?
8.USP .40 (looks smaller than my .45
10.Sig P226?
11.Sig P229
Thats my best guess, I don't know glocks well enough to guess the model
But it looks like #5 is a G26 and #6 is a G19.
How'd I do and what did I win! 8)
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