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Anyone here into paintball? There are basically two versions of paintball. Speedball, the guys who wear all the bright colors and run around a field with inflatable obstacles. And Woodsball who are the ones who wear camo, and have shootouts in wooded areas or bunkers. Their guns often look pretty realistic.

Anyways, how about a paintball forum?
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I was on a pro sponsored team... that count? Yea... I figured out to late its more fun to be able to blow up a TV and not just paint it green. I invested alot in them and still have them around, need to sell the guns sometime...
What I like best about paintball is that everything illegal with real guns is completely legal in paintball. Fullauto, suppressors, short barrels, and shooting your friends.

Paintball is as close to a real shootout as you can get without getting someone killed and/or ending up in prison.
The thing is, F/A and suppressors aren't neccessarily illegal, they're just restricted. Depending on what state/county/city you live in, if you can legally own a firearm and are 21, you can own a F/A or a suppressor. It just takes a little footwork and some paperwork with the BATF. And it's kind of expensive. Actually, it's ungodly expensive for anything F/A. Suppressors, on the other hand, aren't as rediculous. You can get a decent suppressor for around $900 LEGALLY if you feel like going through the pain in the ass process.
I haven't played in about a year, but I always loved paintball. I keep my Thundercat well oiled in case I need to pop the local neighbor kids though. ;)
Spyder EM1 with computer upgrade, freak barrel, automatic hopper and two nitrogen tanks

Tipmen 98 custom, Flatline barrel auto hopper, remote with backpack that holds about 800 rounds in tubes and bunches of 9 and 20 OZ CO2 tanks.

I need to find somewere to sell them....
Haven't played in a bit, but my 98 Auto Cocker is always ready to rip. I play a mutt game...I wear the bright colors of speedball, but prefer the hunt and shoot of woodsball....I wear the bright colors to draw fire to find out where you are. :wag:
fatcat said:
Spyder EM1 with computer upgrade, freak barrel, automatic hopper and two nitrogen tanks

Tipmen 98 custom, Flatline barrel auto hopper, remote with backpack that holds about 800 rounds in tubes and bunches of 9 and 20 OZ CO2 tanks.

I need to find somewere to sell them....
I "might" be interested in the Tippmann 98c with (or without) flatline. Not sure yet, and I am in no hurry to buy.

I'll get a pic of my Tippmann A5. It is made up to look just like a HK PDW with a 3.5 inch barrel, folding PDW stock, air-through magazine, etc....
I used to play quite often but i haven't had time for it lately neither have my friends.
i used to rock a freestyle and an ion playing speedball. it's been a while though.

Started saving for an ego6, but ended up getting into real guns now that I have turned of age.

i have a Brass Eagle Eradicator its brand new and has never been used the tank is used and is only six months old
Yeah i have been trying to sell all my stuff. It is proving to be more difficult than initially anticipated.

I have a automag powerfeed with like 8 different barrels and some other stuff.
Yep, I even offered to throw them in on an offer for a Dune Buggey

I offered him my AK-47, Spyder EM1 with all the addons you can do with it, Freak barrel and Tipmen with flatline and 3 nitro tanks brand new!

Bastard never broke....... Soo, Im going to get one I found on Ebay.
I used to play Paintball, but then I found Airsoft. And Airsoft is everything paintball isn’t.

Paintball is a bunch of teenagers running around shooting each other with large and incredibly inaccurate plastic marbles filed with paint.

Airsoft on the other hand (at least where i play) is tactical. You have groups of people who move and act together. You have people who worry about concealment. We play with objectives, things like get to the radio tower and fix it up to call for evac. Or go find the downed American pilot corpse before the enemy does. We play real steel, so if you have a gun with a 20 round magazine, you only load 20 rounds. As apposed to these hoppers i have seen that hold 2, 3, 400 rounds of paint. Paintball guns look like children’s toys, my M15A2 looks like an M15/M4.

Airsoft all the way
I'll never play paintball again, personally. I've had some bad experiences with paintball. Namely getting tagged in the ballz playing paintball when I was 17. And of course at 17 I was "invincible" and I didn't think I needed a cup. What are the odds of getting shot there, I'd told myself. Apparently pretty damn good. Kind of ruins the experience for you.
Yes.... I had the same happen to me... after that I was kinda scared to play... I did not want to be laying in the field again with my hands on my crotch with everyone on the side lines watching. (In pain)

The thing I was most scared of was Brass Eagle paintballs.... FROZEN! I got shot right in the ass with one at close range and I could not sit for a few days.
Nose Nuggets,

You went with the wrong people and must have been using shitty beginner/newbie grade equipment and/or ammo.
I snipe squirrels while on the run out of trees in my yard from diistances as far out as 100' and down them with one if not wo shots.
Now my primary rig is tournament grade and had as new a retail value of $1.6K total (I paid way less employee price), but it ain't no spray and pray machine. I can hit anything I want and I use quality tournament grade ammo too not El Cheapo from Wal-Mart for $35/case. Like every other sport under the rainbow there is crap level (entry) and then there is better and best.
Same applies to the participants too.

Edit: BTW you do not have to spend as much now days to get acceptable to really good eqipment performance as spending as little as $120 on a Tipmmann M98Custom and replacing it's notably crappy stock barrel with a $50 Lapco barrel as well as size matching to it quality ammunition and the accuracy will make a complete 180 increasing to tournament quality. I've done with the exact setup described as a noob years ago and went on to use it successfully for an entire season in tournament events for more wins than losses. In the woods playing recreational amongst kids shooting each other in the ass it's equally accurate.

I'd encourage you to try it again only this time use equipment thats not low grade. Try to get your hands on a tournament players rig, aplayer who has a shelf full of trophies and a sponsorship or more under his belt.
That guy will show you what can be done in paintball.

- Janq
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Ill admit I did not have a top end gun. I had a rigged up spyder (oohh aaahh) and a tipman pro lite carbine. Both where not bad, but I used some fairly top end pain in my time. still, I haven’t been that impressed.
The gear really isent the biggest deal, it’s the people I play with. If all the guys I play Airsoft with had paintball gear instead, I would as well.
For those of you who have paintball guns, lets see some pics....
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