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Do you think you should wear a mask when your at a field and your not playing

Paintball players dos and donts

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Basic Do’s & Don’ts
From Apply Now,
Your Guide to Paintball.
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Every time you play paintball, you will probably pick up a tactic or two. But here are some important ground rules regarding safety and good sportsmanship to get you started. Your fellow paintball players will expect you to know and abide by these quick do’s and don’ts.

ALWAYS wear your paintball mask when you are on a field, regardless of whether or not there is a game going on. Accidents happen, and a paintball mask could save you from losing an eye.
Listen to the ref and follow the rules of the paintball field. Rules exist for player’s safety. When everyone follows them, you can concentrate on the fun stuff – playing.

Put in your barrel plug, or put on your barrel sock, when your marker is not in play. These simple safety devices can protect someone from serious injury if a paintball gun accidentally goes off. Also a barrel plug/sock lets other players know you are out of play so you don’t get unnecessarily shot up.

Dress appropriately. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts provide protection against the impact of paintballs. The right clothes let you run, slide, crouch and do other maneuvers more safely, as well.

Shoot people if they are too close. Paintballs can come blazing out of marker at 300 feet per second! It’s important to give them time to slow down. Commercial paintball fields normally have rules about how far apart you have to be to shoot someone. If you aren’t sure what the rules are, play it safe: don’t shoot at anyone closer than 15 feet from you.
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ALWAYS wear a cup. I got shot in the balls once playing paintball and I haven't played since. Thankfully no permanent damage, but it still hurt like hell.

always where glovess. I was once shot a couple feet away by my friend, and that was the most painful place iv'e ever been shot. as for my balls ive never beeen shot there but i can tell you, ive a had a few close calls!
Thats a pretty simple explaination of the DOs and DONTs of paintball. For a full list, I'd go visit a site like Warpig.

As for some add-ons:

Wear hiking boots. As a prior judge at Skirmish USA, twisted ankles and dehydration caused more people to miss playing then anything else. Which brings me to my next point
Drink lots of water before AND during play.
Have reliable equipment. $2000 may get you the "blingin'est" equipment, but if you can't play, you'll always suck.

Piss off the judges. We have the ability to make your day of playing a great one or a shitty one.
Cheat. Cheaters always get found out and ridiculed. Plus, pay back is always a bitch
Be afraid. Big moves = big glory. Just dont be too greedy.
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