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PA: Gun owners up in arms over Pa. bill

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House Bill 760 has outraged gun owners across the state because it would require annual registration of every weapon they possess other than antiques -- guns manufactured before 1898 -- certain collector's items, and law-enforcement duty weapons.
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i honestly don't see the problem. however, i feel it should be a cost per individual, not per gun. per gun makes it an actual financial responsibility for collectors. but, keeping an up-to-date database with names, fingerprints, and a yearly criminal background report seems like nothing but good ideas.


Cruz said he proposed the measure as a means to install a tracking system to determine where criminals responsible for gun violence are obtaining their weapons.
this Cruz character is barking up the wrong tree. i dont think this system will help in this regard, but i still think its a good idea.
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It's an absolutely terrible idea. Legal gun owners are not the cause of illegal gun crime, a law like this would be onerous for law abiding gun owners, and the bad guys would not care even a tiny bit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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