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OT Gun Nuts: Todd Jarrett IPSC Pistol Grip Lesson...or IBSu

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It works fine for me and no complaints from those at OT.
Upon closer inspection though it seems this sit muned up my URL while NASIOC let it be.

Try again as I've gone in and done some editing...

- Janq
Works now.

That was one of the 2 grips the Marine Corps taught me. Love it with my 1911.

Tried something similar when I first got my 454 while getting a feel for it and the back of the cylinder bit the shit out of the tip of my thumb. :oops:

Anyway, good video, that ones getting downloaded for the library.
That should be required watching for new and experienced shooter. some very good point on the grip and keeping the shoulder relax.

I wish my El Prez was that faster, or smooth, and it wasn't even fast of him :shock:
Wow, I'd sell my soul to be able to shoot like that.
yeah it worked for me now. thats a good video.
Thanks for the link Janq. Thats one of the best vids i've seen discussing grip. :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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