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OT Gun Nuts: "More Oil Corrosion Tests"

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As originally posted at NASIOC/OT on 12-18-2004, 09:22 PM:

OT Gun Nuts: "More Oil Corrosion Tests (Dial-Up Warning)"

I came across a thread at pointing to and a post a member there setup toward a semi-scientific gun oil corrosion test.
Now keep in mind this is a Professor from Gilligans Island style test but it does provide some interesting results.
Be warned there are some big pics so if you are dialup well then oh well you're short.

Here is the link directly to the thread -
The as tested best product can be found here -

I trust you'll find this test as interesting as I did.
For the record I've been using FP-10.

- Janq
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linky no worky

but here is my thought on oil. use it. they are all very similar.

if your gun rusts, shame on you for not using it more
Damn...the old link no longer works.
I'll have to refind the thread and CTRL-V it.
Give me some time to rescue this thread. :(

- Janq
Damn, Janq, you're really dominating the Newbie Forum. You should be a teacher. Well, maybe not a teacher.......... football coach at the least, though :mrgreen:
Perhaps a teacher/hitman.
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