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Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems said:
StunStrike™, a Department of Defense SBIR-awarded program, is a patent-pending technology which delivers aimed electrical energy to a specific target in order to effectively deter or disable the target in a non-lethal manner.

XADS is currently researching and developing a number of prototypes, which include:

Close Quarters rifle unit with a range of up to 15 feet

Vehicle mounted and/or Fixed-Position unit with a range of up to 100 feet

The XADS StunStrike units maintain the major potential functions of various security applications, including, but not limited to:

Area Denial

Vehicle Disabling

Rescue Operations

Defense of Military Convoys and Outposts

Further development of StunStrike technologies includes an effective perimeter defense system against incoming Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), which can detonate or neutralize incoming RPGs as they enter the StunStrike's spark stream. XADS received a contract from the Navy in the Summer of 2004 to develop this application further.

The StunStrike technology also carries the potential of being a viable and economical solution for protection against Vehicle Borne and other IEDs, as well as the clearance of landmines and unexploded ordnance in conflict-laden countries throughout the world.

Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems said:
The Photonic Disruptor series of Threat Assessment Laser Illuminators (TALI) are designed to assess, deter, and preclude a potential threat using eye safe lasers. The products under the Photonic Disruptor series include:

PDLP (Personal Defense Laser Pointer) - a 5 mW green beam laser pointer. As a presentation aid, the PDLP offers an acute range with a protracted reach of up to 200 meters. Because of the intensity and the built-in adjustability of this beam, the PDLP can also be viewed as a deterrent against a potential attacker. The PDLP works by delivering a disorienting effect from an extended distance when shone into an attacker’s eyes. The citizen model PDLP is a practical and convenient tool for the individual with personal safety in mind. Click here to purchase.

PD/G - Photonic Disruptor/Green; a long-range, much more powerful green laser system for military and law-enforcement applications. Our green TALIs are for military and law-enforcement applications only and are not for sale to the general public.

We currently offer two PD/G models:

PD/G 105:

The PD/G 105 is our police and military-grade, professional-strength TALI. With 105 mW of output power, it has 21 times the power of the PDLP, and runs off of two AAA batteries. It has a range of 350 meters in darkness, and a continuous operating life of 3000-5000 hours. Contact us for a spec sheet and more detailed information.

PD/G 200:

[Information Forthcoming] said:
DREAD WEAPON SYSTEM: Devastating, Jam-Proof, and Silent

By David Crane

Imagine a gun with no recoil, no sound, no heat, no gunpowder, no visible firing signature (muzzle flash), and no stoppages or jams of any kind. Now imagine that this gun could fire .308 caliber and .50 caliber metal projectiles accurately at up to 8,000 fps (feet-per-second), featured an infinitely variable/programmable cyclic rate-of-fire (as high as 120,000 rounds-per-minute), and were capable of laying down a 360-degree field of fire. What if you could mount this weapon on any military Humvee (HMMWV), any helicopter/gunship, any armored personnel carrier (APC), and any other vehicle for which the technology were applicable?

That would really be something, wouldn't it? Some of you might be wondering, "how big would it be," or "how much would it weigh"? Others might want to know what it's ammunition capacity would be. These are all good questions, assuming of course that a weapon like this were actually possible.

According to its inventor, not only is it possible, it's already happened. An updated version of the weapon will be available soon. It will arrive in the form of a tactically-configured pre-production anti-personnel weapon firing .308 caliber projectiles (accurately) at 2,500-3000 fps, at a variable/programmable cyclic rate of 5,000-120,000 rpm (rounds-per-minute). The weapon's designer/inventor has informed DefRev that future versions of the weapon will be capable of achieving projectile velocities in the 5,000-8,000 fps range with no difficulty. The technology already exists.

The weapon itself is called the DREAD, or Multiple Projectile Delivery System (MPDS), and it may just be the most revolutionary infantry weapon system concept that DefenseReview has EVER come across...

The full story can be found at,14632,Soldiertech_DREAD,,00.html
Video -

New Scientist said:
US military sets laser PHASRs to stun
* 16:05 07 November 2005
* news service
* Will Knight

The US government has unveiled a "non-lethal" laser rifle designed to dazzle enemy personnel without causing them permanent harm. But the device will require close scrutiny to ensure compliance with a United Nations protocol on blinding laser weapons.

The Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response (PHASR) rifle was developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory in New Mexico, US, and two prototypes have been delivered to military bases in Texas and Virginia for further testing.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) believes the weapon could be used, for example, to temporarily blind suspects who drive through a roadblock. However, the DoD has yet to reveal details of how the laser works and has yet to respond to New Scientist’s requests for further information.

Laser weapons capable of blinding enemies have been developed in the past but were banned under a 1995 UN convention called the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons. The wording of this protocol, however, does not prohibit lasers that temporarily dazzle a foe.
Permanent harm

"In the past, the problem with lasers of this type has been that they often permanently blind human targets," says Tobias Feakin, an expert at Bradford University's Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project in the UK.

But he says newer systems may avoid this problem by using less powerful laser beams. "This new wave of low-intensity laser weapons do not have a permanently damaging effect, apparently," he told New Scientist.

Several laboratories across the world are working on such weapons. But even low power laser systems can cause eye damage if they are used at close quarters or for extended periods.

The PHASR may attempt to address safety concerns by automatically sensing its distance from a target. The limited information released by the DoD includes mention of an "eye-safe range finder", which may mean the laser's power is adjusted depending on the distance to the target. The system is also said to incorporate a "two wavelength laser system", which may be designed to counter goggles that can filter out certain wavelengths of laser light...

The full story can be found at

Metal Storm Limited said:
Area Denial Weapons System (ADWS)

Published July 12, 2005 9:00 am

Area Denial Weapons System (ADWS).
Live Firing trial at Port Wakefield, South Australia - May 2005

Video - Video & Live Firings
Images -

Laser Dazzler said:
Standard Laser Dazzler™ Specifications:
200 Milliwatts, Maximum, 532nm(Green) Flashing Laser
Powered by Lithium Primary or Secondary Batteries
Eye Safe at Aperture
Variable Focus *
Three Inches Diameter at Lens
* This feature allows the user to create a spot size needed for close in room situations to an effective range of 400 meters at night and still be eye safe at aperture in all positions of the focus head.
- Janq
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I didn't watch any of the videos or anyththing, but that is f'ing crazy.

If it is real, imagine the posibilities of this!? No bullet, no trace of anything!
I watched the videos. Holy shit! I'd like to see some ballistics
I'm about 5 seconds away from buying that civilian self defense laser thing. Just to experiment with, and before they make it illegal.
jamz said:
I'm about 5 seconds away from buying that civilian self defense laser thing. Just to experiment with, and before they make it illegal.
Yeah, no doubt. Wonder how much it costs.
Dude, that would be awesome. People would ask you, "So, what do you keep in your house for home defense". You could say "Oh, I have a laser gun" and wouldn't be full of shit. That shit's too funny.
It's three hundred fish plus tax. I could swing it but I've been trying to save money until my credit cards are paid off.....

that dread weapon was on slashdot a while back...looks pretty freaking cool...

they had a special on these "new" weapons on discovery channel a while back...there was one that really caught my eye

It looked like a Satillite Rocket Ship (white, bulgy at top tapering down to the engines) but about 6 ft tall and has two helicopter blades on top. It had twin .50cal guns with infared, night, and regular cameras that were motion sensative and it would blow the shit out of anything that moved within its range. They were made for quick perimeter securing and defense...they fly themselves in via GPS coordinates, arm them remotely and let them do their job

I cant find anything about them now though

Holy shit, you're describing a Hunter-Killer from Terminator 1, almost! :lol:
these things were stationary it in, it would drop like a post in the on the ground and would shoot everything


That's a lot less scary. :p

Still cool though

I've updated the DREAD 'video' link as the link prior was incorrect.
Additionally I've added information toward yet another product that to me is even more interesting & useful than the personal laser. It's a flaslight thats IR based and that light is converted into green visible light.
Jamzthis and their other LEO tool you might find to be very interesting.

- Janq
that flashlight was on the discovery channel special too!

Some "smart landmine" system too...ADS or something

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