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OT Gun nuts - AR rails cheap

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I posted this on nasioc OT as well.

As always with Botach Tactical, caveat emptor and get firm ship dates on everything. Great prices, crappy service, but really really great sale prices on occasion, such as these:

"KZ" four rail aluminum forend for AR15. Looks like carbine / M4 length, but again call and get firm confirmation from them.

$59.95 (similar models go for $100 - $150)
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wow, thats a great price, good find.

On my M4 I got YHM Free Float 4 Rail Tactical Handguard for $145.00

I think this was one of the cheaper deals at the time so I went with what they had, would have got this if it was around.
Man, I wish I had the money! Great deal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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