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I posted this in nasioc OT as well:

As always with Botach Tactical, caveat emptor and get firm ship dates on everything. Great prices, crappy service, but really really great sale prices on occasion, such as these:

Blackhawk Night Ops Gladius tactical flashlight. From all the reviews, this is the One Light to rule all others. It has a multifunction switch system, including its proprietary "strobe" feature that is supposed to blind and disorient opponents.

$149.95 (MSRP $249.95 $200 or so common street price)

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Just an FYI. I got a call form the West Covina PD. Appearntly someone that used to work at Botach got arrested and had list of peoples cc#'s, exp dates, and so on. The WCPD got my name from that list and contacted me to make sure I would check to see that no other charges were made. I conveyed this info to Botach on 2 occasions. They offered no reply.

On an Botach and me historical note. Out of 13 orders I've placed with them. They've only succesfully shipped 4 orders. All the rest were cancelled due to no communication for weeks to months on order shipping status.

The reason I kept giving Botach so many chances was they used to be recommended by Airsoft Extreme.

Just an FYI guys.

The following vid shows the Gladius in action during some CQB training. (Past the halfway point of the vid)

I've come across a few cheap no-name high output LED lights with strobe and S.O.S. functions recently.
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