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I'm planning on getting a handgun soon, and was planning on getting a S&W M&P .40. My brother talked to a friend of his (who has no problem spending $3K on a handgun), and he said that the M&P would be at or near the bottom of his list. His first choice would be an XD....

What do you all think?
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anyone else get irked at how everyone LOVES the XD because it's "American"? I'm primarily referring to magazine reviews, but it seems that the 1911>*.gun crowd views it that way.
brucelee said:
You are correct. The HS2000 = The XD.
i had to let our resident baltic correspondant field that one :)
Scirion said:
So, $600 for a gun, 150 rounds of .40 S&W, and about 4 targets later, I'm happy. I still suck at pistol shooting, but I'm happy anyways. :)

As we all know, threads are useless without pics, and as you all are about to find out, I also suck at taking pictures, but here we go:


First impressions:

First off, I love the feel of it. That was actually one of my main reasons for choosing it. It just fits my hand perfectly.

Second, the slide lock is impossibly difficult to use... I mean, it's nearly impossible to snag it on your clothes or anything (because it's almost flush with the frame), but it's also nearly impossible to use (in my opinion).

Third, ammo is going to get expensive. ;)

Interchangable backstraps are nice. Time to clean it when I get a chance...

I'll post pics of how it shoots when I'm not embarrased to post a pic of the target. lol

I don't know how (although I intend to find out), but it seems that no matter how high I aim, I still hit low... o.0

damn steyr ripoff

1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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