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I just got in from lunch and am noticing to the umpteenth time that it is rather uncomfortable having a gun in a holster hanging off of your hip after a decent sized meal. It really makes you want to undo the belt and open the top of the ol' pants. Does anyone else seem to have this 'problem' while carrying on an OWB holster (worn at about the 3:00 position).

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Non-seriously this might be a clue that you're either eating too much at that meal and/or might be in need of some overall dietary & exercise adjustments.

Modifying your clothing to accomodate your tummy growth, even if temporary for being full (overfull), is not a good thing.
That's how those guys wind up with trucker bellies and sporting suspenders because wearing a belt is 'uncomfortable'.

$0.02 street

- Janq
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