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I was playing Hitman last night on a level where he had that cool looking supressed sniper rifle too.

Anyway I had this wierd dream where a bunch of friends were sitting around and Brucelee had one of these rifles, and he wanted to go up someplace high to look through the scope at people and see what it was like. I knew he didn't want to actually shoot anyone, clocktower style, but he wanted to sort of playact the Hitman part a bit, so "i'm like, OK, whatever, go right ahead."

So I'm sitting at an outdoor table with a bunch of people, along with a bunch of other outdoor tables, and I see Daniel has taken position up on a REALLY REALLY SHORT roof- it was like 20 feet high, he was almost completely unconcealed, and he's pointing this really huge obvious Hitman sniper rifle at people at the tables! And not thirty feet away is a table FULL of either Police, or SWAT or some other failry elite LE people, completely unconcerned with him being there.

I think to myself "Oh hellz, this will not end well", and I want to warn him that he is being really really obvious and someone is going to think he's a real sniper, so I whip out my cell and hope that I have his cell number. Somehow I do, and I dial it and just as he puts down the rifle and reaches for his phone in his pocket, a SWAT team breaks open the roof door, flashbangs Bruce and swarm over him.

It gets fuzzy after that. I think it's time to cut out the midnight snacks.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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