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Now if I’m over reacting just let me know.

I sent Mossberg Service this email…

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased a Mossberg 500 JIC Cruiser a few months ago I was drawn to
it due to the great packaging and was sold on it due to its uniqueness
and functionality. I love it; it's one of my favorite pieces in my
firearm collection.

But I have really started to notice that the OD green paint is very
thin on the waterproof synthetic carrying-tube and is flaking off at
the lightest touch. I attached two pictures that show how thin the
paint is and that it's almost yellow in some places due to the white
PVC showing underneath.

Now I don't know if I got mine at the beginning of the production run
or just got a bad one. Do you have replacement tubes for sale? I'd
just repaint the one I have…but I don't want to ruin the uniqueness of
this piece by spray painting it.


…I got this reply ….

On 5/31/07, Service <[email protected]> wrote:
> Thank you for your e-mail. Sorry to say that at them moment we do not
> have the just in case tube for sale. Should you have any questions
> please feel free to contact us directly at 1-800-363-3555, ext 541 or
> via e-mail: [email protected]
> Thanks
> Roger Montalvo
> Product Service Rep

Ok so I call them to see if I can out of my own pocket pay to send my tube back to them to be repainted and stenciled by them with their paint and sentinels to not ruin the uniqueness of
this piece by spray painting it. They say “NO”, I’m screwed.

I love this thing and think it really is one of the coolest pieces I have in my collection….sorry I’m a dork and the packaging got me.

Now I’m p!ssed what should I do…just re-paint it myself? I don't want to jack it up...and Collector in me really would like to keep it "stock".


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I would assume that Mossberg gets the tube from an outside source and does not have the ability to paint it themselves. I doubt there is an warranty that comes with the tube. If it really concerns you, just paint it yourself. or see if you can find one for sale on ebay

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Damn, I was looking for one of those tubes to buy from Mossberg or on Ebay but have never found one.

I would say go to a local craft store.. as long as you dont get seen going in there get some stencils and paint away. I know how you feel that the finish it came with will not work but if they cant fix what else is there to do?

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What's a good OD green coating or paint to use on PVC?

I love the stupid JIC kit...I just want the tube to I want it too...I guess I'm not that worried about f'ing up the resale value of it by painting myself. I'm not selling it anytime soon. I just wanted it to be OG paint and stenciling. :( I'm OCD like that sometimes.

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Buy some Lauer Duracoat. I have seen it used on AR and FAL furniture. Shit is way tougher than spray paint. Just remember to rough up the surface realy well.
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