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Off Topic Scenario:

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Lets say you owned a big piece of land, we'll say 50 acres. You lived in a community that was low crime, everyone sort of knew each other... wholesome. Your kids (two sons and a daughter, sons are the oldest Oldest son is 11)) went to a great school where they thrived ,etc.

One day you're cleaning your guns in the garage when the little girl comes running up to you and says "Daddy, Daddy, Blake (your oldest son) bought drugs from some guy just now!". You run out and grab Blake and make him hand over the drugs... turns out it's meth. Your son doesn't even know what meth is, but the guy talked him into trying it (though he hadn't yet)... The guys are still on your property sort of walking through... The guys are teens, age 17 and 19.

what would you do?
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lol, would they be missed if they went... Missing?
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