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As the title says, I'm writing a novel, and one of my scenes takes place at a private, outdoor shooting range. The only problem---I don't know much about guns. Or shooting. But I respect and admire those of you who do, and I'm hoping someone knowledgeable would be willing to help me with my scene.

So here's the deal:

Jack is a spy working undercover as a low level thug in a fictional crime organization. He wants to get the attention of a higher level guy named Tony, so he followed him to an outdoor shooting range just outside the city. The place is BYO and only open to members of the organization. It has three lanes, each increasingly longer (1st is 15 yards, 2nd is 30 yards, 3rd is 60 yards). And each lane has 6 homemade aluminum targets at varying heights and a human target poster in the middle. Side note: If my specs for the facility are off, please let me know. Just keep in mind, it's not used for recreational purposes.

So my questions for you are:

1. What would be an impressive, attention-grabbing (plausible) stunt for Jack to pull off in front of Tony? And what would it entail (I'm going for accuracy in my writing, so any terms I don't know, I'll look up).

2. Which handgun should Jack bring/use (has to be low recoil, as Jack cracked a few ribs a month earlier).

I've crossposted this question on the General Gun Talk forum.

Thank you in advance!
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