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Next gun I buy

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So I was gonna get the Tikka tactical but it costs too much, so i'm gonna get the Savage 10FP Choate or the 10FP Folding Choate. I had both the Tikka and the Savege out of the box and both had there likes and dislikes. For the money I can't beat the savage. I've been told for an american gun Savage has the most accurate barrel right out of the box. The tikka was really nice, the end of the barrel was already threaded for a silencer.
I can basically buy the gun and decent scope for under $1,100. I want to get into long range shooting and i think this is a good base gun. Give me your thoughts.

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What do you consider "long range"? The tikka and savage are hands down the most accurate production rifles on the market. The SHOT show boys have proven this for years Remington, winchester, browning ruger and weatherby fight for 3rd place. Personally I' like savage, they can be picky about ammo but most accurate guns are. I have a production 116fsak in 7mm stw that will put 5 shots into a skoal can at 400yrds. I hand load but to get sub .75 moa from an off the shelf rifle is impressive.
If I was going to go with a savage, I would get the 10FP HS-precision

Having a quality stock helps alot with repeatability. I feel HS stock are better than Choate, I also do not like the Choate dranganov design

I also prefer the 700p to the savage, Just as accurate with a larger aftermarket following

My 700p LTR is .5 MOA out of the box with Gold Match 168gr. The trigger is a crisp and clean 2lbs
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get that 110fp HS they have great brls. Savage action is a little more complicated than remmy but still good.

That folding choate stock doesnt look to impressive, I am thinking "a folding stock on a target rifle" :?:
Yea! It's a close quarters combat bolt action rifle! :laugh:
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