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Thats a great article Janq, thanks for posting it.

It's a shame that people wont open their eyes to see the light of day. I like to bring it up like this in an example. If you were the criminal, would you rather rob a house that doesn't have guns in it, or would you rather rob my house (brucelee, Janq, or Adler, etc)? Yeah, exactly.

Tis a shame CA won't apply an intense safety course that would allow its citizens to carry.

Janq, let me ask you a question. If you were carrying one day, you were at the park with your wife and daughter playing peacefully and a group of teenagers decided to hang out at a bench close to you... Lets say they were throwing a football around and the football happened to hit your daughter and your daughter started crying. Lets also say that you demanded an appology and they started laughing at you, saying racial slurs, and lets say it got to the point where one of the teens brandished a knife. Not directly threatening you, but just showing you that he has knife in order to scare you. Would you show him your peice? Or would you walk away and hope they didn't harm you?

I personally would flash my gun, but not whip it out, just to show them that I am packing heat and that I am ready to use it. If things escalated further, of course I would protect my family and face any sort of legal charges rather than seeing a family member die.

At what point do you bring the gun into play?
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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