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News: SIGARMS announces the 556

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After much speculation, and harboring what was essentially an open secret for a year, SIGARMS anounces the 556 rifle, which will be on display at this year's SHOT Show in Las Vegas later this week.

SIGforum is proud to be the first to officially announce this new product. Thanks to the good folks at SIGARMS who reward the discretion of this forum with the honor of being the first to announce this new and much-anticipated firearm.

Please forgive the prominent watermarking, guys, but no doubt these images will be shared elsewhere, and we want it to be known who had this first. Wink In a couple of days, we'll replace these with non-watermarked images.

SIGARMS press release:

New SIG 556 Rifle: The time Has Come
SIGARMS® introduces U.S. made version or legendary Swiss rifle.

EXETER, NH – No other semi-automatic rifle has captured the imagination of the shooting public like the SG 550 series rifle. For years this legendary Swiss made rifle has been restricted to law enforcement and military sales where it has continuously built on its reputation for outstanding performance, accuracy and durability. Now, SIGARMS® has announced that the time has come for a U.S. made version and introduces the new SIG 556.

The SIG 556 features the same high-performance two position adjustable gas piston operating rod system engineered by SIG’s sister company Swiss Arms and marries it to a trigger housing that not only cuts the rifle’s weight by a pound but is designed to accept standard AR magazines.

Originally developed to work under the extreme situational pressures and environmental conditions of the Swiss Army on alpine duty, the new SIG 556 delivers when it counts regardless of ammunition type and variances in gas pressure or case material.

The SIG 556 features a 16” military grade cold hammer forged barrel with a twist rate of 1 in 9”. The barrel is locked to the steel receiver through a unique system that allows the user to easily change out the barrel.

The forearm housing the gas operating system is a vented non-slip polymer featuring the SIG TriRail design with three integrated Picatinny rails for mounting accessories. There is a forward mount for right or left side sling attachment. The flip up front combat sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.

The Picatinny rail equipped receiver is made of high strength carbon steel with a durable wear-resistant Nitron® X rifle finish. The trigger housing is made from a heat treated aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a hard-coat anodized finish designed to survive extreme conditions. The rifle comes equipped with a smooth two-stage trigger.

The SIG 556 also features an ambidextrous safety and is designed to accept standard AR magazines. A rugged 30-round polymer magazine is supplied with each rifle.

Spare battery compartments are provided in the ergonomically designed pistol grip as well as the rubber padded watertight adjustable butt stock. The butt stock also offers sling attachment points.

In addition to the standard model SIG 556 which will begin to ship in late summer of 2006, SIGARMS will also offer a SIG 556 L featuring a longer forearm but also equipped with the 16” barrel. The 556 L will be ideal for upgrading to the 20” barrel for more precision oriented shooting.

The third model planned to 2006 is the SIG 556 SWAT. The SWAT model will feature the same compact design of the standard SIG 556 with 16” barrel but will feature a flat top Picatinny railed receiver and a tactical quad rail.

These three rifles are the first of several new SIG 556 models that are currently in development at SIGARMS. The wait is over. The new U.S. made SIG 556 begins shipping in late summer – because the time has come.


............................SIG 556 L.......SIG 556......SIG 556 SWAT
Caliber: ---------------------- 5.56 mm ----------------------
Overall Length: ........36.5”..........36.5”............36.5”
Length w/ Stock Folded: 33”........33”..............33”
Barrel Length: ...........16”............16”.................16”
Sight Radius: ............21”...........17.75”.............17.75”
Forearm: --------- Polymer SIG TriRail --------Quad Rail
Rifling: ----------------------- 1 in 9” ------------------------
Weight w/o Mag.:.......7.2 lbs........6.8 lbs........6.8 lbs
Operating System:------- Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt ------
Magazine Capacity: 30 Rnds........30 Rnds........30 Rnds
MSRP ......................$1,299........$1,299........$1,799


- Janq
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It looks like the result of a 55*s dirty night with a lowly M4

Poor little bastard child

Sig should have kept it pure
Appears to me that SIG, FN, and HK are really anticipating a competition for a new US service rifle.
will wait to see some write ups and reviews of said weapon before passing judgement
I thought I saw somewhere that S&W was coming out with a AR version as well. The Shot show is currently going on, so a lot of new items are going to be released for consumption!
Thumper said:
I thought I saw somewhere that S&W was coming out with a AR version as well. The Shot show is currently going on, so a lot of new items are going to be released for consumption!
I've heard the same, an AR clone less somuch tha a unique design.
These are interesting times for infantry/combat rifles.

- Janq
Back to Sig......

Sidefolder, some form of variant? it is different than the others

And from the shotshow
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Looks better than an AR15, but the plastic look is gone. The gun looks rubbery now. Will it be available in any other calibre besides the 5.7mm kind?
the sort of rubber look is... interesting. the shape of the gun is great and i can't wait to see how it shoots. just one more gun to consider buying with money i don't have :roll:
Looks like a beefed up mutated SIG 550.... I will have to find out the price of this thing before I say anything else about it, tho comeing from SIG I know its going to be a alot...
The sidefolding stock is the old school/european normal stock.
They went to the AR style stock just for the 556 where as the prior 552 and 550 had the folding unit as normal.

Mark I posted the MSRP prices in the first post along with specs.
It ranges from $1.3K to $1.8K.

Thumper see my thread in General toward the SHOT show as I provided pics of an HK AR clone along with shots of the FN SCAR too.

- Janq
There is not going to be much of a market for this weapon, with that kind of price. I sure as hell would not spend that much on it...
won't it be impossible to equip this rifle with a folding stock? it looks like it has that sort of "recoil tube" thing that AR's have..
Thumper said:
the one on the bottom looks straight out of Starship Troopers..
fatcat said:
There is not going to be much of a market for this weapon, with that kind of price. I sure as hell would not spend that much on it...
Why do you say that?
A stock AR costs just as much if not more depending on source.

I don't see $1.3K as being an inordinate price for an out the box AR competitor.
MP5s cost even more as does the FN P90 at govt./LEO cost.
I imagine same for the SCAR though I don't know what FN is selling those for as yet.

- Janq
Hell if they start selling the SCAR I will have to look into getting one of them.
Id rather pay 1.3k on that sig than for the new FN PS90. Atleast the ammo for this is somewhat economical.
Yea what is it? 30 bucks for 50 rounds? my friend got a five seven and sold it quickly after he found out the price of the ammo, sweet gun when he had it.
Yeah Adler the price on the ammoforthe P90is high.
They recently contracted with Italian ammo mfr. Fiocchi to produce the 7.62 ammo for it and the Five Seven in large lots hich may bring the price down. But that remains to be seen.

Fatcat there is due to be a civilan version of the SCAR later this year.
I posted a thread toward this info at OT in January with specs. ;)

If the price were the same or less between the SCAR and the Sig 556 I'd very likely go with the FN.

- Janq
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