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Link to quoted article

Daily Southtown said:
County tweaks assault-weapons bill

November 15, 2006
By Jonathan Lipman Staff writer

A long-stalled update to Cook County's assault-weapons ban was approved Tuesday during the board's final session of the term.

The board also renamed the county's administrative building at 69 W. Washington St. for longtime board president George Dunne, who died earlier this year. It also postponed action on a fair-housing initiative.

Commissioners pushed for final votes on several proposals Tuesday so the initiatives wouldn't expire when the board's term ends Dec. 4.

The gun bill, which has languished in committee for more than a year, makes the ban more inclusive by replacing a list of specifically banned weapons, such as the AK-47, with a list of descriptive terms such as automatic rifles with magazines of 10 rounds or more.

Ordinance author Larry Suffredin said more than 86 percent of voters were in favor of such a ban in a non-binding referendum question on the ballot last week.

"I think this is something the people want," he said.

Suffredin (D-Evanston) said he changed the bill at the last minute to exempt some hunting rifles, satisfying concerns from Republican commissioners Carl Hansen and Elizabeth Gorman.

Like many county ordinances, the ban affects unincorporated areas of the county and any municipality that does not have its own ordinance on the same subject.

The gun bill was an issue during the recent race for board president, with Democrat Todd Stroger saying he backed the bill while Republican Tony Peraica opposed it.

The only commissioner who voiced concerns about the bill was Joseph Mario Moreno (D-Chicago), who voted "present." All other commissioners were recorded as voting yes on a "voice vote" that does not require a roll call.

[unrelated information clipped]

Jonathan Lipman may be reached at [email protected] or (312) 782-1286.
Link to actual law

Any device capable of holding more than ten rounds must be surrendered, there is no grandfathering.

Its really sad to see that an area with such strict gun control has not been the subject of more high profile studies in regard to the long term effects in regard to crime rate. I would wager that of all violent crime committed in the county, less than 20% involves rifles, and even fewer involve weapons legally obtained through a standard purchase involving a background check.

Though its only been in effect a short time, it would also be interesting to see the contrast in effect that the Florida self defense law has had in reducing crime. That statistic though, would need to be accompanied by the amount of shootings ruled to be valid and legal invocations of the person's right to self defense.

I remember reading about a county (?) that dedicated a large amount of man power to simply arresting anyone with outstanding warrants, and the dramatic effect that immediately had on the crime rate. Perhaps it was in DamnYankee's police blotter thread? Does any remember, or have links to articles talking about that. That, in my opinion, would make much better use of State Police man power, opposed to being ticket machines and highway baby sitters.


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Chicago sucks anyways. Its like a less shitty detroit.

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Well Chicago has a long tradiion of bad politicians it needs to uphold. Curroption and incompetance go hand in hand in the Windy City.
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