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Newbie Advisory: Glock Detail Strip

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I found this in my travels and thought the Gunatic Glockers might find this useful
June 20th, 2003 - Glock Detail Strip
We're pleased to announce the premiere installment of "The Range Bag", a place where we'll bring you informative, entertaining and FREE content such as videos, pictures, articles or anything that we think might be interesting.

Here's a video I made a few months back: Detail Stripping a Glock Pistol. Ever wonder how to take one of these apart? This video will show you how. Great info to have when your drastic plastic needs a good cleaning or some internal parts replaced.

This video is about 7 minutes long and 12MB in size. You can view the video here or right-click and "Save Target As..." to save it to your hard drive (recommended). This is encoded with Divx 5, so if you have trouble viewing the video, visit the Divx website and download the free version. It will install the stuff needed to view the video.

Thanks for stopping by and sign up on our mailing list to be notified when the next installment is online!

Video =

- Janq
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Damn, thanks for posting that Janq. Wish I would of had it about 5 years ago. :p
at the gun store i bought my gun at the guy wouldn't even let me leave till he showed me how to take apart everything, the gun the magazines, and even how to change some of the parts, most gun stores all they give you is a swift kick once you sign that paper work
I've said often enough that I could teach a chimp to be a Glock armorer.....
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