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New XD owner soon

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I've got a XD-45 ACP 5" Tactical on order. No body has any in stock anywhere just about.

Would really like OD Green but those are impossible to find. Gonna settle for a black or a Flat Dark Earth if they can find one.

These things must be popular eh?

Vostok 7
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If Daniel says it's good, it's gotta be.

I so can't wait to get it and firing it. It'll be my first pistol. You can bet picts will be forthcoming.

Vostok 7
Ugh, no one can find any 5" Tacticals around.

I'm ALMOST tempted to just give up and get a 4" Service since they're everywhere but I really really want the 5" :(

Vostok 7
Mach5 said:
I love the XD's and I thought that I wouldn't before I shot them. I'm not a big fan of striker fired pistols and don't like grip safties. But after shooting one I found it's the best "feeling" pistol in my big goofy hands. I was going to get a 5" but after shooting the 4" & 5" a few times back to back...I'm going to go with a Black 4" ported XD .45 I like the recoil spring in the 4" a lot better. It's a two piece type model.
It's also a captured recoil spring on the 4" and smaller.

They make the ported 4" in .45ACP?

Vostok 7
YAY! Looks like they finally got one!

Now I just gotta find money...

Vostok 7
Well went and looked at it tonight. She's a beauty! It's a black one... Not quite what I wanted but I can always re-coat the polymer.

It'll be mine next week! I can't wait!

Vostok 7
Finally got it out and shot it. I love this thing. The sights are so natural it's amazing. And it's pretty accurate too.

My buddy came over and he's got a well used 9mm Service (4" barrel) that he claims has the "Tactical" spring. He said "XD's suck, I can't hit the side of a barn with mine." Everyone shot the .45ACP and promptly told him that he must be some kind of sucky shot, or his XD is terribly worn out :D

I'm sold on the XD. The 9mm model looked like the baby of my .45.

Vostok 7
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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