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New XD owner soon

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I've got a XD-45 ACP 5" Tactical on order. No body has any in stock anywhere just about.

Would really like OD Green but those are impossible to find. Gonna settle for a black or a Flat Dark Earth if they can find one.

These things must be popular eh?

Vostok 7
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As I can see from the posts before me, I'm the only one here that owns an XD. I own an XD 40 Service Model, and I love the shit out of it. Like Adler said, the trigger is rough compared to a Glock, but I personally like the grip angle more (1911 fan from Hell here). It's one of the best pistols that I own.

P.S. I missed this forum. Not having internet SUCKS, by the way.
Gun-Nut said:
I wondered where you went, what happen to your internet?
Moved into a new apartment, took forever to get internet hooked up. Now that I have it, just need to get time off work enough to post. Between work and side projects, I have next to no free time. Usually just have enough time to read through the posts and that's it.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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