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New to real guns

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Hello everyone. I have started getting into real guns and not wanting to go to prison or get fined waht kind of things do I need to know and do before I think of getting a pistole or rifle.
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talk to a local FFL.holder.
Go to a gun shop and get your pistol certification and buy one. Just don't buy a pistol off some dude on the street. lol
Depends on where you are and your age....
Right, we need specifics! State, your age, pics of your sister(s) if hot, etc.
Thats why I reccomend the local FFL. He/she/it can give you a good rundown of the laws in your area.
I am 19 and I live in wyoming, and I have no criminal record.
If I recall WY is pretty loose on laws so about anything short of a machine gun or shoprt barrel long gun should be legal
Thanks, that is some good information. By the way do any of you know where I can see updated gunlaws? I tried looking for a fiew places but didnt know if they were real updates or not. And is there a site where I can find specifics on gun lawas. By that I mean what kind of things I can and cannot have on a gun, what mods make it ilegal etc.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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