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New tattoo!!

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Well, yesterday I finally got the time at the tattoo parlor to sit down and get my reaper tattoo done. I would have gotten it done a while ago, but I don't like leaving shit unfinished to do later, so it took me a while to get the time scheduled to do it all at once. Got it done yesterday, but I just didn't get around to getting a picture of it and posting it up till tonight. Just a little background, this is a reaper of my own design that I've been tossing around and refining the idea for over a year now. Just on the level of detail that the artist put into this thing, I think that I've found the tattoo artist I'll be going to for all of my future work.

Well, here's a bigass pic of it for you guys to enjoy.

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Damn, bad ass. Good work!
Now that is one super badass tattoo!

Makes me feel rather blank... [I need to fix that]

Filthy Rich :twisted:
His hair is really pretty.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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